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Professional Summary

Dr. Toh Associates Sdn. Bhd. is a continuation of Dr. C.T. Toh Consultant which was set up in January 1989 to undertake consultancy works in geotechnical engineering. The firm is based in Kuala Lumpur and has a small staff of 3 professional geotechnical engineers and 2 engineering geologists. The staff of Dr. Toh Associates Sdn. Bhd. are all from Dr. C.T. Toh Consultant.​

Most of the works undertaken are within Peninsular and East Malaysia. However a few projects have been undertaken in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Philippines. Our clients include general civil and structure engineering consultants, contractors, design – build contractors, project managers and developers.


Our principle in consulting is provide advice and designs from use of comprehensive methods of analyses that minimize assumptions and couple that with our vast practical experience and database from construction and knowledge of the performance of structures during and after construction.


Areas of consultancy include:

  • Shallow and deep foundations for high rise buildings and bridge structures;

  • Deep excavations for basements and other below ground structures using embedded retaining structures;

  • Engineering of soft clays and peat for infrastructures and buildings;

  • Reclamation of disused tin – mining land;

  • Soil and rock slope assessment and stabilization;

  • Landfills for schedule waste and municipal waste;

  • Expert witness in arbitration and litigation;

  • Tunnels;

  • Geosynthetics structures;

  • Assessing effects of basement and piling works on adjacent structures and infrastructures;

  • Offshore and near shore structure.

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